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Montenegro has managed to build a reputation of a country suitable for reliable profitable investment. The Montenegrin real estate market has been growing steadily over the years. That is why more and more investors choose Montenegro as an ideal place to invest their wealth through the purchase of real estate. Buying real estate in Montenegro is an excellent choice if you are looking for an investment or a property for personal use.

The great cultural and gastronomic heritage of Montenegro, the dazzling natural beauty and the modern concept of life are not the only things that attract so many people from all over the world to this small country on the Adriatic coast. Buying real estate in Montenegro is quite simple and standardized. Foreign citizens can buy property in Montenegro under the same conditions as Montenegrin citizens. There are no restrictions on foreign property ownership. Montenegro is a truly friendly country when it comes to foreigners who want to start their own business. Accordingly, legal regulations are the same for all legal entities and natural persons, whether they are Montenegrin or foreign citizens.

There are numerous reasons why Montenegro is attractive to foreign investors, and the most important are certainly the favorable laws on foreign investments.

Real estate taxes in Montenegro are among the lowest of all European countries, which makes Montenegro an excellent place to invest in luxury real estate. It is important to note that Montenegro has signed numerous agreements on double taxation of income and property with various countries around the world. These treaties offer tax breaks to foreign investors, allowing taxpayers to avoid double taxation on their personal and corporate income, as well as real estate income. For a foreigner who bought a new home in Montenegro, his stay is no longer limited to 90 days, but according to the Law on Foreigners, if he owns real estate in Montenegro, he can get a residence permit for up to 12 months. The residence permit is issued by the competent Ministry, based on your completed and signed application, personal document, as well as documentation proving that you are the owner of the real estate (Real Estate List issued by the cadaster).

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